Welcome to Stories From A Sandman – a world of little dreams.

These are stories for anyone, whether you’re craving a distraction from the real world or having a restless night suffering from insomnia, these stories are here for you. Each offers a glimpse into it’s own little world, and will transport you into fantasy. These are bed-time stories purposefully written to lull you to sleep, or to entertain you on a break at the office, however you wish. All Stories From A Sandman are family-friendly and suitable for all ages. They desire nothing more than to tantalise your imagination and set dreams in motion. Take them anywhere – at 3-6 minutes a piece, they’re perfectly suited for you to devote time to, or to sneak as an indulgence.

Please peruse the stories now – I’m sure there’ll be something in there for you. And please check back regularly because a Sandman’s Stories are always changing – or better yet, get a monthly subscription to be sent the newest Stories From A Sandman as they’re released..

This concept was inspired by Erin Morgenstern’s mesmerising The Night Circus, and I hope that each of these little dreams captures a small essence of the magic with which the patrons of her circus were so enchanted. It is, at least, my own dream that her Rêveurs would be satisfied.